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Use DMX to Clearly Pinpoint Specific Ligament Injury ~  Potentially Alter Treatment plans:
  • Low force techniques if certain Ligaments are injured
  • Avoid rotational maneuvers if there is a Facet joint injury
  • Identify C1-C2 instability to avoid treatment in high risk patients
  • Locate specific site of injury to correlate with referred pain
  • identify injured facets for facet blocks
  • Document the injuries before major treatment to protect yourself
DMX to Increase Patient Compliance
  • When the patient can see their injuries, patients tend to return for treatment
  • We provide a disc or VHS tape with the motion images you can show the patient
  • Patients can come to our Wellesley office, or our Mobile Diagnostic Suite can come to your office
DMX to prove to IME examiners that your treatment is appropriate
  • Documents proof of injury to help IME reviews
  • Documents need of continual treatment to avoid loss of insurance payments
  • MD Board certified Radiologists & nationally recognized DMX experts read the exams
  • We have a library of extensive Journal articles to support you and the findings
DMX as a Marketing Tool
  • Increase referrals as you can say you are now using the latest cutting edge diagnostic technology of DMX
Documented Research Articles for Respected Medical Journals
  • We have a Library of research medical journal articles to support these points
  • Articles are from respected Journals such as: Spine, Clinics of Biomechanics, JAMA, American Journal of Physical Medicine, Pain, Journal of Manipulative Physical Therapy, Annals of Emergency Medicine
  • Human automobile crash study data available
Price and Insurance
  • Approximately $400 to $500 less than MRI therefore uses less of the PIP insurance and provides possible more useful information than an MRI
  • Covered by most PIP Insurance
  • We do all the billing
DMX for Physicians, Chiropractors & Physical Therapists

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