Uses a Low dose Generator
DMX uses a fluoroscopic based x-ray system coupled with the latest digital and optic technology
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DMX Safety
DMX Safety and Low-Dose Radiation
Our Radiologists are Medical Doctors trained in US medical schools, residencies and fellowships
Keeps X-ray exposure to a minimum 
Hospital Fluoroscopy operates at 100 to 800 mA 
So, a single DMX exam is equivalent to taking 2700 Static X-ray exposures of the Cervical Spine with the same low amount of radiation of only 7 Static X-rays 
Exam takes approxiamately 120 seconds of exposure time, which is about the same exposure of a complete 7 view Cervical Spine Davis Series 
DMX runs only at 1 to 3 mA 
One Cervical X-ray (film 10 x 12):
70 KV @ 20 mA = 111 mR
7 X-rays Davis Series x 111 mR = 777 mR
One Cervical Digital Motion X-ray View (15 seconds each):
70 KV @ 2 mA = 112 mR
7 DMX view study x 112 mR = 784 mR
Radiation Exposure is often even less as DMX uses 1 to 3 mA depending on patient size. 

Standard Hospital fluoroscopy uses 100 to 800 mA!!! 

So, for the same amount of radiation and more information, do you want… 

7 x-rays or 2700 x-rays?