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  • Provides objective proof of soft tissue/ligament injury that is often undetected using other imaging technology for a number of reasons (see DMX fact page).
  • Pinpoints specific sites of soft tissue/ligament injury in the cervical spine, thus allowing the doctor to clearly identify and document the cause of local and referred pain your client is experiencing.
  • Research Studies also show that after an automobile collision, Disc herniations are a rare event and Soft Tissue injuries are a much more common event.
  • Provides an AMA and FDA approved diagnostic examination that shows the motion abnormalities associated with soft tissue injury and instability:
    1. Motion video clips can be provided on a DVD disc or VCR tape
    2. Still shots with angle measurements can be created
    3. A layperson can clearly see most of the motion abnormalities
  • MD Board Certified Radiologists with nationally recognized expertise in DMX examinations provide concise and accurate reports.
  • Many cases have used the DMX exam to settle arbitration cases to appropriately compensate the patient for their injuries.
  • DMX is in the Medical literature and textbooks and has passed the Daubert Challenge in many other States.
  • Documented Research articles from Respected Medical Journals
    1. We have a library of research medical journal articles to support these points
    2. Articles are from respected Journals such as: Spine, Clinics of Biomechanics, JAMA, American Journal of Physical Medicine, Pain, Journal of Manipulative Physical Therapy, Annals of Emergency Medicine
    3. Human automobile crash study data is also available.
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