Shows abnormal articulation of vertebral 
bodies, facets and other spinal elements
Shows normal or abnormal initiation of cervical motion
Shows hypermobility, hypomobility or restriction
The Newest Technological Advance for 
Diagnosing Soft Tissue and Ligament Injuries 
that MRI, CT Scan & X-ray may not demonstrate.
Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) 
With Digital Motion X-Ray technology and True View Diagnostics:
Can now see and show the cause of headaches, neck 
or shoulder pains from whiplash to justify & determine 
treatment plans based on objective medical findings.
Can now demonstrate and show objective findings of soft 
tissue neck injuries for Car Accident and Workman's 
Compensation clients, helping them receive appropriate 
settlements for injuries so they can afford the medical 
treatment they deserve.
Can now demonstrate suspected fraudulent claims by 
showing there is minimal or no soft tissue injuries to the 
neck, saving insurance dollars.
Can now get the correct diagnosis to insure an appropriate 
treatment plan for a faster recovery time and reduce chronic 
long term symptoms and degenerative changes to the neck.
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